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Love the eyes!


since getting back into fitness and working out i really cannot say how much it’s annoying and agitating me how butt-obsessed the entire fitness world is lately. everyone is telling you how to get the perfect, rounded, juicy butt and i’m just like since when are white women interested in getting…

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I guess I’ll be keeping a spoon in my makeup kit…

this video was an experience.

oh my word

all these years of struggle….



Lmao, get with the times Bruh!

I’m crying.


1. Avoid using soap of any kind on your face, only formulated cleaners specific for skincare.

2. If in doubt, use the sensitive skin version (has less fragrance, additives and irritants)

3. If a product claims to have a “tingling” or “cooling” sensation, avoid it at all costs.

4. Use hand…



Studies show that discrimination based on names that are perceived as “too Black” or “too ethnic” is real and invidious. One study concluded “a white name is as valuable as eight years of extra experience.”

Today, Friday, December 27, 2013, the claimed owner of a Maryland business, Triple R Unlimited, Rayven Rogers a/k/a Rhonda Renee Wood, blatantly admitted to passing over people’s resumes based on whether she deemed their names “to (sic) hood,” rationalizing that if she did it, she knew white people were doing the same.

Ms. Wood also works for Associated Community Services, an organization serving disabled Marylanders, but they deny that her post as Director of Operations has hiring authority. So, assuming ACS’s good faith, her discrimination must be occurring in her role with Triple R Unlimited.

Triple R Unlimited used to be a Maryland corporation, per the secretary of state, but they are no longer in good standing and not an active corporation at this time. It is unknown whether Triple R Unlimited is doing business under another corporate identity or is simply a d/b/a (“doing business as”) alias for Ms. Wood and/or others.

If you believe your resume may have been discarded by Triple R Unlimited in Maryland, you can report directly to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. If you merely wish to use the information in this post to make a report of the discriminatory hiring practices, but were not personally and directly affected by them, you may direct that report in writing to the following address:

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights

Attn: Cleveland Horton

6 St. Paul Street

Baltimore MD 21202.

Cleveland Horton is the Commissioner. Your letter will need to include the following address as well as a phone number where you can be reached.

Triple R Unlimited, a/d/b/a Triple R Events

7612 Fontainebleau Drive

New Carrollton, MD 20784 


Even if you’re international and/or can’t send a letter, you can let people know what @rrrunlimited is doing by promoting the above screencaps on Twitter, or reblogging this post.

This is a particularly invidious form of discrimination because it is so hard to prove that it happens. Ms. Wood has chosen to provide the proof in this case. Let’s make sure the authorities know that.

signal boost. cause this is some straight up bullshit.



i feel the same way about the light skinned dark skinned divide as i do about the divide between black women and white women, or black men and black women or fat women and thin women. i’m all about having conversations that lead us towards a path of healing and understanding and bridging gaps and…

This puts into to words how I feel


All bodies are beautiful…